Bus Riding Rules and Regulations

All bus riders will be issued an Identification Card with a bus sticker that reflects their bus route letter. Students must carry their ID cards with them at all times. Students are not allowed to share their ID cards with other students. If you don't have your ID card with bus route sticker on you will be required to ride the late bus home or assigned detention at lunch.

A bus ZPass will be issued to each student at no cost. If a student loses their ZPass, it is the student's responsibility to inform the VEEP Coordinator in the attendance office and a new one will be reissued to the student. The cost for the replacement ZPass is $5.00.

Busing for VEEP students to Marston Middle School is a privilege and NOT a right. Your signature on the first day packet signature form indicates agreement to the following rules and regulations regarding busing. The bus rules and regulations have been designed to provide for the safest possible transportation for our students. Any violation of these rules will result in appropriate consequences.

  1. Arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.
  2. Students must remain on campus from the time the bus drops them off in the morning until it picks them up in
    the afternoon. Students are not allowed to leave campus for any reason without written parent permission.
  3. Respect all directions and requests from the bus driver.
  4. Bus drivers can assign seats for ANY reason.
  5. Remain properly seated at all times-facing forward with feet out of the aisles and on the floor.
  6. Do not throw any objects inside the bus or out the window.
  7. Do not distract the bus driver, other drivers or pedestrians.<./p>
  8. Talk in normal conversational level and only with the person sitting next to you in your seat.
  9. Cell phone use is at the bus driver's discretion.
  10. No photos of other students are allowed.
  11. No hats, hairnets, or bandanas.
  12. No food or beverages on the bus.
  13. Opening and closing windows is completely up to the bus driver.
  14. Do not touch any of the controls of the bus in the driver's area or in the emergency door areas.

FIGHTING, DEFIANCE, and/or VANDALISM are major offenses and will result in an immediate bus suspension.

Students will receive a referral from the bus driver or school for any violation of the bus rules with the following potential consequences:

The repair of vandalized property will be billed directly to the family of students responsible for the damage.

1st Referral: Student is counseled, and a copy of the referral is mailed home. Three (3) days of campus beautification is assigned.

2nd Referral: Three days of lunch detention is assigned. Parent is contacted.

3rd Referral: Students is suspended from the bus a minimum of three days. Parent is contacted.

4th Referral: Student is suspended from the bus a minimum of five days. Parent is contacted.

5th Referral: Student is suspended from the bus for the remainder of the semester, or no less than one month. Parent is contacted.

Bus Suspensions
It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to provide transportation for the student in the case of a bus suspension. Lack of transportation does not excuse the student from school.

School Buses Depart at 3:45 pm

Sometimes students need to stay after school to get extra help with assignments, do research, or for disciplinary reasons. When a student needs to stay after-school, we have a late bus on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. A special pass is needed to get on the late bus.

Students who are not on time to the bus at 3:45 pm, or do not have a bus pass, will have to ride the late bus home. The late bus departs the school at 4:45 pm.

If you have any questions regarding these rules and regulations, please contact the school and speak with a vice principal or the VEEP Coordinator.

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