Helpful Hints for Parents

How to help your child be successful at Marston

Have Questions Regarding Assignments or Homework?

The Agenda- Check your child's agenda. Make sure he or she is filling out the agenda completely and accurately. The agenda should list all the classwork and the homework. Each teacher has students fill in their agendas on a daily basis. If your child says that he or she has completed his or her homework, ask to see the work and match it against the agenda. You can check to see how much work has been competed, and monitor the quality of the work.

Teacher Websites- Most teachers post assignments on their web pages. Go to Find the teacher's name in the "Faculty" section under Educational Support. Then look to see if that teacher has a link to homework. If you do not know what period your child has a particular teacher, you can find that information on the Parent Portal. If there is no information listed under the teachers page please email the teacher for more information.

Study Partners- It is a good idea for your child to have a couple of people designated as study partners. If your child is out sick, or must miss class, he or she can call his or her study partner and get the work he or she missed. Be sure to chose a responsible person for the study partner. Just in case the study partner was absent too, have a back-up number.

Email Teachers - Each teacher has an email address listed on the Marston website. You can find that address and send an email to your child's teacher. Remember, teachers usually check email in the morning, and right after school. If you have questions and you email them to a teacher late at night, you may not receive an answer immediately. Teachers try to answer emails within two or three days, depending on email volume.

PowerSchool Parent Portal -Check the Parent Portal on PowerSchool for grades and missing work. Don't let your child leave everything to the last minute. Trying to make up a years work in three weeks does not work! Have a great school year by following these simple tips. See the homepage of this website to get access to this information.

Need Extra Help?

When your child needs extra assistance:

Check the Tutoring Schedule. Students have tutoring available from most teachers, and their schedules are posted on their webpages, at the counseling office, and on the department tutoring page.,

Free Tutoring through the Public Library. There is free tutoring available at the local public libraries. Call them to find their schedule. Here is a website link: public-library/kidsandteens. The North Clairemont library has tutoring on Wednesday evenings. Please call them to confirm the hours: (858) 581-9931.

Khan Academy. This is a wonderful website that helps students with math and science, with some assistance in humanities and art. Their library of content covers math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and even reaches into the humanities with playlists on finance and history.
"I teach the way that I wish I was taught. The lectures are coming from me, an actual human being who is fascinated by the world around him." -Sal

Key ways to increase your understanding:

Make sure your child:
Asks questions DURING class:
Be sure your child is asking questions during class. If he or she is too shy, have them jot down their questions and give them to the teacher during tutoring.

Takes notes AS he or she READS and AS the TEACHER TALKS:Research has proven that taking notes as the teacher talks and as the student reads (Not AFTER) increases understanding by over 50%. Students who wait to jot down their notes later cannot retain enough information and will lose much of what they need to know. Similarly, not writing notes as a teacher talks leads to misunderstanding of the information and./or of the assignment.
When your child is absent:
Make sure your child finds out what work he or she is missing. Have him/her call his/her study partner and look on the website. It is easier to stay ahead than it is to catch up.

How Students can reduce stress:
Make sure you come to class every day, and PAY ATTENTION when you are in class. Missing school leads to confusion, missed assignments, and being buried in make-up work!

Make your doctor and dentist appointments for after or before school, and if you must schedule them during class, be sure to spread the wealth around. Don't miss the same class each time!

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