Accelerated Math

Marston offers two pathways for mathematics - Standard and Accelerated. The standard pathway is sometimes referred to as Common Core, but both pathways use the same Common Core standards (the accelerated pathway just moves through those standards faster). Both pathways will prepare students for high school and college. It is not necessary to accelerate in middle school. The accelerated pathway is offered to students who already have learned the main principles of their grade level standards and are ready for coursework from the subsequent grade level. 



Grade Level

Standard Pathway Curriculum

Accelerated Pathway Curriculum


CA Common Core 6th Grade Standards

CA Common Core 6th Grade Standards 


½ of the CA Common Core 7th Grade Standards


CA Common Core 7th Grade Standards

½ of the CA Common Core 7th Grade Standards

AND CA Common Core 8th Grade Standards


CA Common Core 8th Grade Standards

High School Level Course - Integrated Algebra 1



Integrated Math I is a high school level course with frequent homework and tests. Students who take Integrated Math I must commit to the course for the duration of the year. Students who experience low grades in these course may not be able to switch to another math course. Additional tutoring may be required outside of school hours for some students. Semester grades in this course stay on a student’s permanent HIGH SCHOOL TRANSCRIPT and a D or F in this course could require remediation and impact high school graduation and/or college admissions. 


Course Qualifying and Placement at Marston

Prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Marston used many datapoints to place students into the appropriate math course (e.g. SDUSD math readiness assessment, math SBAC scores and 5th grade report card). The suspension of these assessments have made the placement process more difficult. 


Marston is currently planning to use the 5th grade math SBAC scores (Exceeds Standards) and 5th grade math report card scores (mostly 4s) for initial placement. Marston may also use district math assessments, if available. Marston plans to email all incoming 6th grade families the initial math course placement during the summer. Parents will be given a period of time to submit a change request (e.g. switch from Accelerated to Standard or Standard to Accelerated). In almost every circumstance Marston has been able to accommodate parents’ math course change requests. 


Any student who meets the Accelerated criteria will be offered a spot in the Accelerated program. In very rare circumstances, there may be a classroom capacity issue for students that did not meet the Accelerated criteria but wish to enter that pathway.  In this very rare capacity circumstance, Marston would then implement a fair, objective ranking system to offer enrollment in the Accelerated pathway. 


SDUSD Math Course Pathways

math diagram
Common Core Math Pathways diagram

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